Donate blood! Give life!

I am 28 years old and I have never donated blood. 

I am not sure how I feel about this! 

I must confess that I never thought about it till I saw somebody posting it on Facebook. 

I googled it and guess what?! THERE IS A NEED FOR BLOOD IN PEI. 

As stated in a recent article from CBC, on February 21st "Canadian Blood Services sent an urgent message across the country on Tuesday that it needs 35,000 donors between now and March 10." 

I might be too late, but I will still go to the clinic. 

I like how they made it easy to book an appointment and you do not even have to talk to someone. 

It is pretty easy. 

  1. You have to make an account on Canadian Blood services website:

  2. You will receive an email to confirm your email address

  3. You can log in and make an appointment at whatever time you want

  4. You will receive an email with the details of your appointment

  5. Time to give blood

The Canadian Blood Services website is very informative and easy to navigate. There is so much information about how you can help them. It seems like it is not just about donating blood. You can also give plasma, platelets 

This is how your visit would look like. I couldn't say it better:

I was honestly a bit nervous about having a needle going into my veins for 15 minutes. But I did it.  I donated blood. 


This is my experience at the Canada Blood Services in PEI:


After walking on the door I had to check in and confirm my appointment. At this point, my name appeared on a screen with the time when I was supposed to start the process.


A very nice gal sat down with me at a desk and she asked for two pieces of id. I think they need just one, but I immigrated here and I guess I needed two. I am not sure…

After she made a file with my info, she gave me a sticker that would tell other people I am a newbie in donating blood+ 1 pin that is showing that I donated blood once. I will receive a donor card in about 4 weeks.

I loved how positive and smiley this gal was and she explained to me every step in the process.


I had to sit down and answer a bunch of questions on a tablet. Yes, they have a touch screen tablet and this makes the process easier. The questions were related to health issues, travel and ethnic background. I was not sure how to answer to two of them. DO NOT WORRY. They will talk to you about those question and will clarify it before you give away your blood. They have an option for being uncertain, which is great!

I also received a brochure. I was advised to read it fully. I already read that info on their website.


I waited for a couple of minutes before someone would take me into a room and do further investigations.


We went into a room, where I was not allowed to film. There the nice gal took my pressure and a sample of blood from my finger. I was happy to hear that my blood pressure and iron levels were great, although I didn’t eat anything that morning.

She gathered all the tools she needed to collect my blood and it kind worries me because she grabbed about 4 blood bags. Those bags are not all for your blood. CALM DOWN… You will need just one bag and the rest is for the lab.


I laid down on a chair. A nurse started to sanitize my arm where the needle would come go…I do not remember how long, but she had a timer and had to do for that exact amount of time.

After she prepped everything, the nurse inserted the needle into my vein. I DIDN’T LOOK. I was too afraid although I didn’t feel a thing. So, thank you!! To be honest the finger sample hurt more.

I received a ball that I was supposed to squeeze every 30 seconds (I believe). It took about 9 minutes for me to fill a bag.

During this time I was offered water and asked a couple of time how I am feeling. I felt excited and happy I was there. I didn’t feel sick at all.

When I was done, they gave me a cute band aid (see the image)

You can see the blood bag there, in my lap. OMG…

You can see the blood bag there, in my lap. OMG…

giving blood save a life


I this this is the best part. They have a kitchen with a bunch of sugary treats. I had some sesame treats and raisins toast. DELICIOUS.

They had chocolate milk, juice, water and a bunch of sweets.

I was not rushed, I took my time and then I went along with my day…


Now I am waiting for the Donor card. This card will tell me what blood type I have. I believe I am AB positive, but I am not sure…

I will make another video when it arrives in about 4 weeks.

See my experience in this video as well.