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I have always wondered if I could find some cosmetics and skin care products that are 100% made with natural ingredients.

I am not the only one who is interested in finding more natural beauty solutions. Last weekend I met Brenda, the owner of Sanctuary Yoga and Massage, right here in PEI. She is such a wonderful lady. The place Brenda runs is indeed a sanctuary. It is very welcoming, cozy and warm.

Besides teaching yoga and offering massage therapy, Brenda is an adopter of natural beauty and cosmetics. One brand that Brenda really enjoys is Pure Anada.

This is how I found out that we have a CANADIAN brand that makes natural beauty products, all with natural ingredients.

I was super curious about it so I tried quite a few products and below are my thoughts.

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Skin Care:

I like the fact that I got the chance to try some samples before buying the products. I always buy products that I like but they just simply do not work for me, so I end up not using it and waste money.

I have struggled with acne. I never had acne when I was a teenager. I started having acne in my 20s. I am not sure what the problem is. I tried quite a few products that promised to cure acne but nothing really worked for me. Some of them worked short term but not long term, which was pretty disappointing.

Gals, these 4 skin care products made miracles for me. I do not believe in over night miracles but this is what happened.

After just one use, my skin started to heal. After 4 days, there were no new pimples and the scars are healing. I am very excited to order these products and test them for a longer time. I am VERY EXCITED to see if they work for a longer period of time.

Cleanser, Toner, Tincture, Moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Lipstick

Cleanser, Toner, Tincture, Moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Lipstick

These 4 products worked wonders for me, I used it for 5 days already. As soon as I get the full products I will test them for longer and see what are the results.

I was super surprised with the fast results.

They have almost no smell and they all have only natural ingredients. I LOVE THEM!

I also received some delicious cosmetics that I truly like. I especially like the foundation because it has a huge coverage. I also really enjoy the highlighter and the eye shadow.

Natural, organic, vegan cosmetics canada
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I would like to thank Brenda for introducing me to these amazing products. Brenda is a small business owner here in Charlottetown. She is teaching yoga, she is a massage therapist and she is encouraging the women in our community to use natural beauty products such Pure Anada.

I think it is important to support women like Brenda who is trying to make a positive impact in other women’s life. She certainly helped me.

I was curious about what is the story behind Pure Anada. Guess what, the founder, Candace Grenier started all of this as a hobby, after she worked as a hairstylist and the chemicals in the products bothered her more and more every day. One day she said “ enough already with the chemicals” and a whole brand was born.

I like to encourage women who have the courage to take start a business that they are passionate about.

You can purchase the products at Sanctuary Yoga and Massage, directly from Brenda. She will be more than happy to tell you more about the products and let you sample them before buying them. She is selling the products at the same price on the Pure Anada website. So why not go test it before making a decision on buying it?!

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