Three things we do to make our life easier

Cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, work, dogs, study, exercise, spend time with family and friends. These are are the most important things in my life. They are probably crucial to every human being. 

I always wonder. How everybody else does it! 

We succeed at most of these things, but that means we also fail at others. 

There is not really a balance. 

I know what you think... she is so negative.

Who said IMBALANCE IS WRONG?  There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is a close to balance type of life which we all aim for. 
Alright, alright...
After we struggled to keep up with cleaning, cooking and cohabitating, my husband and I found some ways to make it work.

Here are a few things that we tried and worked for us. 

30 minutes speedy tidy and clean

@claudia cotici

@claudia cotici

Every day we spend 30 minutes cleaning a room. 
Yes, you hear me. 
We do not clean the whole house at one because who wants to spend an entire day cleaning and scrubbing? But 30 minutes pass so fast, and sometimes we finish in less the 20. 
We choose a room, and we clean that rooms, organize it, tidy it till we are satisfied and the timer says so. 
You might wonder if we scrub everything in those 30 minutes. 
We do not do deep cleaning in these 30 minutes, and we do not vacuum but we tidy and clean the mess so if someone comes over we will not be embarrassed with the mess. 
A rule is that we also have to do it together. If you think about it, it is like you would spend an hour cleaning a room, which is more than enough to clean it up thoroughly. 

Meal prepping on Sundays



We looked at our budget recently, and we were shocked to see how much money we can spend when we do not plan. 
So, we are sitting down every Saturday and think about what we would like to eat next week. 
We make a list of the ingredients and we go shopping. 
We also like to add some things that we can buy if they are on sale, like our favorite foods: peas, corn or meat. 
We established a weekly budget and we try very hard to not spend more than we budgeted. However, there are holidays when the family is coming over so we are aware of that extra spending. 
It is important to go grocery shopping and cook together because this way we both know what it is in our fridge for the next week. 
There is one app that we usually use for menu inspiration and it called 8fit. 
This app is offering a full week menu with the grocery list and a week’s workouts. 
I will be talking about this app in a different post. 
I will also talk in more details about how I prep the food for the week in another article. 

No credit cards, unless really necessary



What? You might say…
Well, we use them but very limited. We only use them for paying bills, groceries and gas. 
We notice that we had the bad habit of just using the credit card even if we didn’t have the money so we basically spent more than we could afford, especially me. 
Why me especially?
When I was back home, I never had a credit card. I only had cash and debit cards. So, that means that I was always aware of my limits and my budgets. 
But not when I received the credit cards. 
So, I am not carrying the credit cards with me, just to avoid a spontaneous spending. 
Every week we receive a small amount of cash that we can save it or spend it as we wish.
It is amazing how much of a change can make not considering the credit cards when making a purchase. 

If you find these tips helpful or if you have any questions, comment below. I am really happy to hear from you. 


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