Golden Milk reinvented. A turmeric latte for cold days

turmeric milk cappuccino

Every fall I start making this milk and turmeric drink. I am happy to share with you how to make the best golden milk drink that will warm you up in the cold days or it might help your sleep. 

The recipe is very simple but what makes it special is this milk cafe maker from Breville

I received this baby as a present a couple of years ago. My husband knows how much I love cappuccino, especially the foamy Starbucks cappuccino, that costs a fortune. 

how to make a great turmeric cappuccino

Since I received this miracle maker, I started testing recipes that were not in the manual. One of them is turmeric, honey, vanilla, and milk. 

I call it the "Milk of Gods" because it is not just very tasty, but also healthy. 

All you need for this drink is: 3.25% milk, turmeric, honey, and vanilla.

All you need for this drink is: 3.25% milk, turmeric, honey, and vanilla.

Turmeric is known for:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Pain relief

  • Improving liver function

  • Digestion

However, it might not be for everybody, as it also has some side effects like blood thinning and upsetting stomach. 

I drink this before bed sometimes and I feel like it helps me sleep better and reduces the frequency of my nightmares. 

What I love about making this latte with the cappuccino machine is the FOAM. I love the texture and the fluffiness of the milk foam. 

What other milk drink should I try? 

drinking turmeric milk

If you try this recipe let me know if you like it.