Thrift Treasures: EPISODE 1 (Value Village Fall Outfits)


I am telling you. You do not need to spend a lot of money to look sophisticated and fashionable. I invite you to join me in this fall treasure hunt at Value Village.

I must confess, the best coats I have are from Value Village.

Before I go shopping I like creating a mood board. This is kind what I have in mind before going to the store. I was lucky to find the items I wanted but some of them were not my size.

My list included:

  • a satin top with lace details (I didn’t find one, but I had one already)

  • a cozy oversized sweater (I didn’t find the same sweater I envisioned but this sweater I found is so much warmer)

  • long boots ( which I found but I couldn’t put my feet in because they had a weird designs)

  • white jeans (found some)

  • Long dress sweater

  • Black basic shirt

This is how my mood board looked like:

Here is what I found:

outfit one.png

outfit 1

Black Sweater| White Jeans | Black Heels

TOTAL: 22.97 CAD

outfit 2

White Cardigan| White Lace Top| Black Heels



outfit 3

Dress Sweater| Long suede boots (I already that this)

TOTAL: 10.99 CAD

The total comes to 42.95 CAD, for 3 sweaters that are so nice and comfy, a pair of shoes that I can wear with unlimited outfits and a pair of white jeans that fit me like a glove!

I know I didn’t find exactly what I had in mind but I still found some really good items that work for the fall.

That’s the thing with thrifting, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TREASURES YOU WILL FIND.

Next time I will not set a goal for what items to search for, but I will think about making a cool outfit for any occasion.

Let me know what clothes do you think I should hunt next?

Claudia Cotici1989Gal