3 apps that I find very useful



I live mostly on my phone, iPad and Mac. I really do not understand how life was before technology and apps because I can not live or function very well without these 3 apps that I absolutely love. I like these three apps because they have made my life much easier. 

Google Maps



I recently went to Toronto and I must confess that I do not think I would have made it without Google Maps. I, unfortunately, do not have a great sense of direction and orientation. 

I am not a big fan of paper maps. 

You have no idea how many times Google Maps has saved me. 

8fit app



Do you guys remember when I talked about meal prepping on Sunday? If not read this article or watch this video. 

Well, most of the recipes and meal ideas I am getting from this app. The app is very easy to use and it has a couple of features that I think are essential for my lifestyle:

  • Shopping list with everything you need for the meals you chose

  • Limitless meal options

  • The option to buy food that won't break the bank

  • The option to change a meal if you don't feel like eating that food 



Yes, I am trying to learn French. Or better said, re-learn French. This app is fun and easy to use. I think I like the gamification part of learning. 

The graphics are so similar to my design style and I find it very appealing. 

So, every day, I spend 5 minutes learning a tiny bit of French. I also use Rosetta Stone, but I like Duolingo more. 

You should try it. It is almost like a game.

What are your top 3 apps?

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