5 Reasons you should go to YDay in PEI


On Saturday, October 22, I went to YDay in PEI. It was my first time going to this type of event. I didn’t know exactly what to expect.

I am happy I decided to go, although it was on a Saturday and I had another event I wanted to attend.

You might wonder what YDay is.

In my perspective, it is a day when young individuals meet, network, learn and discuss important matters such as “Affordable Housing in PEI”. It is also an opportunity for the PEI Government to connect and take the pulse of what youth thinks about those matters. There is some sort of synergy between fresh, raw and unfiltered ideas, from the youngsters, and the knowledge of professional policy makers/shapers who know the process of creating a new policy or changing it. Both parties learn something from each other. I wish there was more insight on how policies are made, as part of this event.

However, I not only learned that the young generation is not entirely obsessed with Instagram, but I discovered that there is interest in having a part into shaping the community’s future. Also, I was surprised to hear some really intellectual conversations that made me feel a bit behind…

  1. It is an opportunity to voice your opinion regarding big issues in the community. If you feel like you have something to say, this is the time and place. They will be happy to hear from you and share your ideas.

  2. You will learn how to work with others and pitch an idea as a group

    One of the things you will do is to sit at a table with other people (around 6 other people) and dissect the problem, find solutions and then pitch them to the other attendants. This means you have to listen to other people’s ideas and make decisions about what needs to stay and be pitched.

  3. You will meet important people who actually can help change the things what you envisioned.

    There will be at least 3 important people there. Make sure you go say hi and introduce yourself.

  4. Networking. Meet kindred spirits. There were many young people of all ages. Volume 18 did a cool thing- they put up a chart and asked the attendees to put a sticker where they fit on the chart.

  5. You will walk out more motivated than when you walked in. This year’s speaker, Heather Moyse, made an impact on people’s perspective. She truly inspired and motivated the crowd, who definitely left the room with a more hope and confidence.

The YDAYPEI age chart

The YDAYPEI age chart

Claudia Coticicharlottetown