5 good deeds you can do right now

What makes us better people? The clothes, the money, our jobs?

No. It is how we treat the people around us. It is how selfless we act every day. Sometimes, doing something good can improve our perspective on life and our character.

Holidays are always the best for me, but there are people out these who are not as fortunate as me. This year I sat down and looked around to see how I can be a better member of my community and how I could actually help.

The feeling of helping someone is such a gift. We do not have to buy super expensive presents to make a mark in someone’s life. Here are a few good deeds you can do right now without breaking the bank and spending enormous amount of money or time.

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At some point in your life there must have been someone who helped you out without asking anything in return. Well, it is your turn to give back without expectations. I am not talking about gifts, I am talking about doing something for them that they can not do alone, or maybe encourage and support them somehow. To give you an example, I am going to volunteer for Newcomers Association because they helped a lot during my immigration process. Andree, from Newcomers, was my angel who looked after me and made sure all my papers were ready to go. She helped me get my work permit, then my permanent residency, and finally my citizenship.

They never asked anything in return. So, I decided to make time to help back. I am hoping to offer English mentorship to newcomers who do not speak English very well. It doesn’t even matter how I will help, I just want to help.

Find the one thing you can volunteer for that is close to your heart and give back some of your precious time and knowledge.

I must confess. I keep an eye on the Humane Society website and I am so sad when I see dogs for adoption. I adopted two dogs from our local shelter and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I adopted Rosco, a hound mix and Maya, a shih tzu. Maya is super sweet and Rosco is the smartest dog I’ve ever met. Well, Rosco can be a jerk, but deep down he is good dog . He encouraged me to get out of the house and explore. Rosco protected me when I needed it and Maya offered emotional support when I needed it.

If you look on the Humane Society website you will see there are a few pets to adopt.

Go to the dog section and you will see Copper. Copper has been available for adoption for a while now and he is has quite a few issues, but trust me when I say that you can train the dog. Please adopt Copper! He has been there for a while now…

You can also help out by fostering or donating money.

It costs NOTHING to donate blood. There is a need for blood in our area and there are certain types of blood specifically that is needed. I do not know the details, but if you are interested, go and check out your local donation center.

I promise you it is not that bad. I barely felt a thing.

Canada is an awful place in the winter so winter clothing is so necessary for those who do not have the money to spend on a warm jacket. I usually donate to Value Village but I know that there are so many other place you can donate to in PEI.

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We all want to make money but during the holidays I like to offer something for free. It can be a piece of advice, some of your time, or maybe a ebook… I have a pack of free photos that you can use for the holidays right here

Most of the time, the way we talk, the way we treat people makes a huge difference. Be kind and giving, not just around holidays.