How was at Pixels and Glory II?

For those who do not know what “Pixels and Glory” means, I will explain.

Pixels and Glory is a friendly graphic design competition that takes place in PEI and challenges our creative community to come up with design solutions in just an hour and a half.

Kind of cool…right?

This was just the second event of this type but I believe there will be more of it in the future.

Saturday, November 24th, 9:30 in the morning, I picked up the coffee from Tim Hortons and headed to Holland College, where the event took place.

When I arrived there were quite a few of early birds and Mike. Mike is one of the graphic design teachers at Holland College, the founder of GDGC PEI, and the guy who started Pixels and Glory.

Thanks to Mike, the design community in PEI has grown stronger .

So, early morning, people tried to wake up, got some coffee, socialize a little bit.

At 10:00 we started the competition, Mike announced the project and the rules of the competition.

I could feel that there was lots of excitement in the room but there was some nervousness as well.

After 45 minutes we took a 15 minutes break and we had some food and coffee again.

The second round was more intense because the competitors really felt the time pressing.

I walked around to see what the participant were designing and I was impressed by some of the designs right away. I wish I could offer some direction to some people, but I was not allowed to brainstorm as I was one of the judges.

It is not easy, but it is fun! I KNOW THAT because I have competed too. I have been a competitor and I have been a judge so I know that both roles are difficult.


These are the final designs and the designers who created them. If you enjoy someone’s design, go follow them on social media, ask for a print and send encouragements.

The theme this was HOLIDAYS OR ANTI-HOLIDAY typographic poster.

The final designs were presented in a mock-up and voted on by the public via Facebook likes and the judges committee (Mike Thomas, Claudia Cotici and April Condon)

Support and encourage each other!

These were the contestants:


PAUL ATWOOD- first place

BRENDAN HENRY- second plance

SAM HUGHES- third place

The rest of the designs scored less points, but it doesn’t mean they were not good.

Here are the other designs, in no particular order.

Other designers were welcome to come over and socialize, get inspired and grab some food and coffee.

You don’t have to participate, we are more than happy to have you over for a round of chatting.

Everybody, especially students are welcomed. People with various work experience participate as contestants but also as public.

You can download the pics from here:

Everybody did an amazing job.

Thank you everybody for coming and participating to this event.

Spread the word about this cool design competition.