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A lifestyle blog with resources for bloggers and graphic design freelancers.

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Before you scroll down, let me introduce myself…

I am Claudia, aka the 1989 gal. I am the woman who crossed the ocean to marry the love of her life at 23 years old… I am the one who moved to Canada, started freelancing when couldn’t find a job on this tiny island called PEI… I am the crazy lady who likes creating minimalist infographics and data visualizations…

So nice to meet you. :)



I am here to support your new side hustle as a blogger or influencer. You will find templates for media kits, pitch decks and Instagram templates and many other resources


You, the graphic designer who is just figuring out how to stay creative and make money, this is for you. Hear my stories and learn from my mistakes. Real lessons for real people.

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I am keeping things real. I do not have the perfect life. Get to know me, read my story and the struggles I’ve had and the lessons I learned. I talk about success, failure, fitness and events.

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This girl right here can help you with super professional branding, a Squarespace website, infographics, Social media branding, media kits and presentations.